Restoration 1 of Miami is prepared for all types of water damage including the typical broken pipe or a natural disaster. Natural disasters including hurricanes, and other forms of weather, including flooded swampy areas can potentially create a mess in your home. Because of water damage, many families are unable to repair things they have lost and may even have a hard time repairing the only walls they can afford. At Restoration 1, we are able to negotiate with your insurance to help you get the best price possible for the restoration and complete the repairs at an extremely affordable price.

Restoration 1 Water Damage

What happens when water causes damage?

Water typically warps any type wood, water also shrinks leather and last but not least, water creates disgusting carpets with the potential for mold to grow. When this happens, your floors have the ability to grow mycotoxins. This is something that is extremely dangerous as mold spores break off into the air and you could be affected without even knowing.

When you hire someone like Restoration 1, we are able to take control back of your home with our machinery and quick thinking that helps salvage what you have while preventing the consequences of water damage. Yes, this means that we can save some of your carpet and help prevent mold from thriving on it! With our machinery, we are able to dry out your carpets and also remove what is completely ruined. We want to help you save money while keeping your home environment safe.

We use items like dehumidifiers, fans and other industrial items that can help kill mold, mildew and bacteria. We also help assess any personal items that are important like: art, documents, computers, appliances and more.

The service technicians at Restoration 1 are trained to provide the highest quality water damage repair and restoration services in Miami, FL. Our main goal is your satisfaction and we thrive on excellence to provide you with the best experience using the latest and safest technology.

When it comes to the toxicity of water, there are three categories. These categories are “clean water”, “grey water” and “black water”. In the next section, we’ll go over what each one is and how it becomes the way it is as well as how we handle it.

Water Damage Categories


Clean Water

This type of flooding refers to water that doesn’t have any harmful toxins in the water and doesn’t come from anything that is harmful. Usually, flooding of “clean water” comes from faucet supply lines, washing machines, dishwasher lines and others. When a restoration company is called quickly after this type of flooding, most items, carpets, walls and floors can be salvaged.


Grey Water

This is where it gets messy – literally. “Grey water” refers to flooding of water with a significant level of toxicity. This means that there are biological, chemical and physical toxins in the water that can cause extreme harm to your property as well as your physical well-being. These types of flooding come from toilet bowls/sewerage, sump pump failures and other water supplies that typically go through a sanitation system.


Black Water

Also known as the most harmful and unsanitary categories, “black water” describes flooding that comes from a direct, extremely harmful source that contains bacteria, toxins and fungi. This type of flooding, when gone unrepaired, usually causes sickness in the homeowner. This typically comes from sewage or plumbing that has failed and backed up in your home. But this doesn’t exclude seawater, river and stream water that may make it’s way into your home. Category 2 water can also become category 3 when left untreated for 2-3 days. Since this is such toxic water, it takes professional equipment with extreme precaution that Restoration 1 can provide along with trained service technicians.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Step 1

This step is removing all of the water with our water extractor, which pumps the water off of your floor and into the machine. Then, it dries all surfaces.

Step 2

We then pull up the carpets as well as the padding underneath for the most thorough cleaning. We then make sure each layer and the floor are dried completely.

Step 3

This is the step where we take a look at your personal belongings that you want to salvage. This includes:

  • Documents
  • Works of art
  • Furniture
  • Linen and drapes
  • Computers
  • Appliances
  • And more.

We thoroughly dry these pieces to our best ability and try to take it back to new.

Step 4

The fourth and final step, which is the most important in terms of safety, is to decontaminate and disinfect the area. We do this without specially formulated antimicrobial solutions.

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