• Maureen faced a water main break underneath a duplex. After arriving Restoration 1 could see that there was definite mold issue. One of the tenants had just been released from the hospital so their health was a big concern. Restoration 1 Cleaned up the property to her satisfaction and was able to confidently rent the property again.


    Maureen Mangan, FL

  • My entire carpet was flooded after my water pipes busted. Restoration 1 was able to vacuum all of the water out at a really fast pace. It didn’t take long for the work to be done and the servicemen were friendly and helpful. I’d recommend Restoration 1 to anybody!


    Dave, Hollywood, FL

  • A fire started in my kitchen that that left a lot of burn damage. My cabinets and walls were all burnt really bad. But after Restoration 1 did their job, my kitchen looked like new again. I was so relieved. Thank you, Restoration 1!


    Wanda, North Miami, FL

  • I had mold building up around my bathtub for quite some time. I finally decided it was time to get rid of that junk, so I called Restoration 1. They got rid of that gunk so thoroughly and quick it made my head spin. Great job, guys. I love my bathroom now.


    Frank, Kendall, FL

  • After my apartment’s toilet overflowed, my entire hallways carpet was flooded. I tried to vacuum it myself, but it started to smell after a few days. That’s when I decided to call the pros at Restoration 1. They were able to clean my carpet thoroughly and get rid of that nasty smell. Great service is what I got.


    Michael, Miami, FL

  • How else can I say this? Restoration 1 went above and beyond to restore my living room after the fire. I am so grateful for their service. They are the upmost professionals and the only company I’d recommend to my friends and family.


    Celina, Coral Gables, FL

  • The mold building up in my air vents was starting to get intolerable. It was ugly and it was causing my son to have breathing problems. When I hired Restoration 1, they were able to get rid of that stuff. No complaints at all from me. My air vents are clean and my son is healthy. Thank you, Restoration 1.


    Shawn, Miramar, FL

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