Basement Drain Sewage Damage

Sewage spills and flooding happen more than you think. This is a type of flooding that can produce grey or black water, which is an extremely harmful, bacterium filled type of flooding. When this seeps into your carpet, mold spores can appear and bring even more micro-bacteria into the air. Thankfully, we are able to completely clean this type of situation. But first, we want to educate you on how this happens.

How do sewage spills happen?

More often than not, sewage spills happen because of clogged pipes. When pipes are clogged, it means that something like this has gotten stuck in there:

  • Grease
  • Tree roots
  • Over capacity from toilet (extreme cases)

When you flush something down the toilet, typically, it goes down, but when you start flushing things that don’t belong in a toilet, that’s when you have a problem. Plastic, tampons, pads and other items should NOT be flushed down the toilet. Please dispose of those properly as it makes for an embarrassing clean up and story on your end.

An amateur should not do this type of project. If not properly fixed, you can be exposed to backed up bacteria like giardia, hepatitis A and others through water contamination. If you notice something wrong with your sewage, you should call us so our service technicians can address this extremely quickly. When a flood happens, it often backs up through your toilet, your tub and through your sink. Since most bathrooms do not have drains on the floor, this will back up into your home, causing your carpets and floors to become drenched.

Restoration 1 has a team of Miami sewage spill restoration experts ready to quickly and efficiently clean up any unwanted messes in your home or commercial building. Call us today for a free estimate.

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