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Since Miami has such a hot and humid climate, Miami’s Top Water Removal and Restoration Company Restoration 1 has seen many types of molds and knows exactly how to work with it. Many families think of mold as meter to check if your food is too old. However, throwing away your wall or carpet isn’t as easy as tossing the old bread into the garbage. That’s where Restoration 1 comes into the picture.

How does mold occur?

Identify Mold in Walls In Miami

Mold thrives off of moisture. There doesn’t even have to be physical water in the area for it to become moldy. Since Florida is such a humid climate, there is a ton of moisture in the air, which describes the heaviness you may feel at some times; mold can also be caused by floods and leaks around your home. Where this moisture is, mold starts to grow. Many companies will only remove the mold but not address moisture control with their customers. Just because the mold is taken out, that doesn’t mean the root of the problem is gone. When Restoration 1 helps remediate and remove mold, we make sure to completely clean and repair, creating a safe home for you and your loved ones, while helping you with learn moisture control tips.

Striving to be Miami’s best Mold Remediation service, Restoration 1 of Miami offers free estimates for mold removal to residences throughout South Florida.

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Who does mold affect the most?

Mold Remediation

Mold is dangerous for anyone to breathe in, especially over long periods of time; but because mold holds in allergens, irritants and mycotoxins, there are many types of people that are unable to breathe in mold. If you or someone you know in your household has asthma, mold can cause breathing problems overnight or over time. Since the mold spores break off into the area, you may be affected without even finding the source of the problem. Mold spores can also potentially cause long-term harm, especially in asthmatic children.

How do I know if there is mold in my home?

Mold Remediation

If you have reason to believe there is mold in your home, whether you have found it or have recently had a flood, there is a simple machine that we use at Restoration 1 that tests the mold count in the air, if the mold is toxic and other types of information on said mold. When the machine is brought to your house and you have tested the area, our service technicians will assess the situation for mold removal and remediation depending on the results.

Is this process the same for my office?

Mold Remediation

Yes, we use the same techniques to test for mold in offices. While it’s harder to find in offices sometimes because you aren’t always there to check and monitor leaks in an office, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When the air is tested, a mold count is done to determine the toxicity levels and more. If our service technicians find this, they will then assess the area and create a plan to remediate and removal the mold as well as helping determine the cause. When the cause is determined, we can then proceed forward in the steps to prevent it from happening again. Because of our attention to detail, we are one of Miami’s best mold remediation companies. We also offer free mold removal consultations.

Restoration 1 Mold Remediation at a Glance

If you’re moving into a new home and are simply checking for mold, or maybe you’ve found mold that you need removed immediately, Restoration 1 is the company you’re looking for. With qualified service technicians that are professionally trained in removing mold, we make sure that every employee is drug tests, trained and ready to give the customer the most perfect experience. This all comes at an affordable price with free consultations.

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