Fire Damage can be restored!

Fire Damage in a Miami Home Before Restoration

You may think that you have to completely demolish and rebuild for some fires, but truth is, with the right restoration company, things can be restored! Fire is one of the most devastating events that can occur within a home. While most are completely accidental, sometimes there isn’t a way to restore memories, but there is a way to restore your home and have it restored safely.

Did you know?

Fire is the second leading cause of accidental death in a residence.

Free Estimate for Fire Damage Repair in Miami

Even if you have what looks to be irreparable fire damage, Restoration 1 can take a look and see if we can help you reduce soot, smoke and other damages in general.

Ways fire damage can happen:

  • Cigarettes
  • Curling irons / flat irons
  • Clothes iron
  • Unattended food cooking

Thankfully, Restoration 1 can provide a free estimate for fire damage repair and restoration. The majority of the time, home insurance will pay for the damage caused by the fire. In the Miami, Florida and South Florida area, you can get almost free fire damage repairs because of the insurance willing to cover so much. We negotiate to always get the best price for you.

How to Restore Fire Damage

You may be wondering how you restore something that may be ash; thankfully, Restoration 1 has a plan that involves many components. Finding other living accommodations for the time during the repair may be inconvenient, but we have an extremely quick turnaround time compared to other companies in the area. We understand it’s not the most desirable situation, so we want to get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Restoration 1 is one of the best at fire damage restoration in Miami and we understand that it’s not just a coat of paint that needs to be slapped on. When repairing, we think about the safety of the home and the preventative measures to keep your home safe in the future. Fires can cause serious structural damage and we’re here to help.

What Does Fire Damage Restoration Involve?

Depending on the severity and the size, this determines the effort and time frame of the restoration. But there are a few key elements that stay the same regardless of size and effort.

  1. Remove all damaged items that will not be fixed by glue and paint. This is anything seriously fire damaged that causes structural issues. If the restoration is not done correctly, there will be worse and very costly problems in the future. This is why we remove all structural areas that have been damaged by the fire, regardless of severity.
  2. Remove all floor coverings. This includes carpet, padding, etc. This is so that we can safely remove all soot and dust. This can also help as a shield for other items when the evaluation is happening.
  3. This is where we evaluate the structural surroundings like the framing and subfloor. Once the carpet has been torn up, we can evaluate the structure much deeper and better. This will give us an estimation of the severity of the structural damage that has been caused between your floors and foundation.
  4. Step four is the part where we treat wall framing so that this can be saved. If it’s not badly damaged or not at all, this is how we save and preserve the integrity of the framing. When we use odor counteractants, this makes sure there is no contamination that we may have missed. Microbial contamination surprisingly harms the health of many after the fact of the fire.
  5. Step five is where we remove or restore the HVAC system. If this isn’t done, this could cause even more fire damage in the future. Many will try to do a patch job on items as such, but when you’ve already risked your home, your life, and the lives of your family members, you want to make sure something as dangerous as such is repaired properly. We do not take any shortcuts. We also eliminate char, dust and other particles that may be spawning from this area.

While this is a simple outline, there is much more we do behind the scenes when it comes to fire restoration, cleanup, and repair. We make sure to take all of the highest standard safety precautions and we make sure the integrity of the structure is extremely safe. We air out the home and we salvage what we can, without creating an unsafe environment. Our goal as Restoration 1 is to complete fire damage restoration services successfully and to give the home and business owners a sense of relief.

Miami Smoke Damage Repair and Restoration Experts

Fire Damage

As mentioned earlier, fire is the second cause of accidental death in the home. But did you know that smoke is also part of that second cause? When it comes to fire in the home, a lot of the times the cause of death is smoke inhalation. Did you also know that this smoke can remain in the structure of your home, causing more damage for the future? This is why it’s important to hire a restoration service that can help rid these harmful toxins from your home.

We aren’t talking about materialistic qualities of restoration; we’re talking about cleaning within the walls and structure to completely air out your home. A Band-Aid patch will never fix the true problem at hand; you simply have to address the problem directly.

Taking Action Before Smoke Damage Restoration

The very first step you want to take before we arrive is to open up the windows and create a stream of air through your home. When you add a fan into the mix, you can properly ventilate the area. You may also want to start drying wet items while you can, so we can take care of mold remediation. Restoration 1 is the top Miami Smoke Damage Restoration experts and can help you safely repair your home of smoke damage.

If you’re worried that the cost is going to be extreme, you can easily call us to send out a service technician. This technician will go over and evaluate all areas of your home to give you a free estimation. The best part is that the consultation is free as well! We want to make sure we can save you money in all areas, beginning with that one call for help.

Getting the Smoke Damage Smell Out

Fire Damage

When a fire is so big in your home that it does physical damage to things around, you’re going to have a lurking smoke smell. We do not want to leave a smoke smell in your home before repair. Our first step is to get this odor out of your personal belongings. This includes:

  • Linens
  • Clothes
  • Furniture

We suggest cleaning these beforehand and even calling professional furniture cleaners if something is salvageable like furniture. We will take care of the rest for you.

Types of Smoke Damage

Wet smoke

Wet smoke is low heat, sticky, smeary and smoldering. This is one of the most difficult types of smoke to clean.

Dry smoke

This type of smoke comes from fire that burns fast and at high temperatures. An example of dry smoke comes from something like forest fires. You may have seen those around Florida as well as California.

Protein smoke

This type of smoke is invisible but does damage to the paint by discoloring it and reeking of a pungent odor.

Getting The Best Smoke Damage Restoration in Miami

When these types of smoke are present, they emit things like soot, fuel and oil. When this happens, it seeps into your walls and your floors, which you may not even notice! Thanks to our fire damage restoration services, we can get this cleaned for you with no problem. When this is cleaned, you don’t have to worry about your health in the future.

When we conduct an evaluation, we want to give you the best price possible. We only use high quality materials and machinery with trained service technicians that are carefully screened before being hired. Since we do the work ourselves from employees with experience, you won’t be paying an arm and a leg nor will you get negligent service.

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